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We specialise in helping mums create healthy homes so their kids can thrive.


Building Biology is a branch of environmental science that looks at the houses we inhabit and the impact these buildings have on our health and on the environment.


Being healthy involves so much more than just eating wholefoods and regular exercise. Every product we put in or on our bodies has an impact on our health. It can be overwhelming navigating product labelling and ingredient lists but once you know what to look for, avoiding toxic chemicals is easy.

To give our bodies the best chance to stay healthy we need to look even closer at our indoor environment. Many everyday items we fill our homes with can offgas VOCs sometimes for years. 


Building materials, furniture, bedding, toys, cookware, plastics,Personal Care and cleaning products, mould, allergens, heavy metals and Electromagnetic Radiation can all adversely affect our health over time.


In Building Biology  we consider all of these factors and teach you how to reduce exposure to indoor health hazards and create a healthy home.


We assess:

  • Building materials

  • Building design

  • Indoor air quality

  • Personal care & cleaning products

  • Water quality

  • Electromagnetic fields and radiation


We offer a range of services to cover all your needs. A qualified Building Biologist uses the latest digital equipment to detect and mitigate contaminants in the home. In the process you will be educated on the hidden dangers of modern life which are often found right where you least expect them, your home.

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