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Mould Audit



This audit is for anyone who suspects they have a mould issue in their home or workplace. It is also designed for those who know they have mould and require a report for NCAT or their Insurance company to take action.

Exposure to mould can cause various health effects like eye, nose and throat irritation, inflammation, nasal congestion, sneezing, sinusitis, asthma, headaches, coughing, chronic fatigue, Candida, rashes and various skin conditions. If the mould problem is not rectified health issues can escalate and have the potential to cause long term health effects.

Breathing in toxic mould spores and mycotoxins can seriously compromise the body's immune system. This is particularly the case of those with chronic illnesses, the elderly, infants and those with existing respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Simply removing mould does not solve the problem as it will always return unless the source of the problem is discovered and rectified. Specialised equipment is required to measure the amount of moisture in the building material and thereby trace the path and source of the moisture.

The MOULD AUDIT involves:


  • A qualified Building Biologist will visit your site at a time that suits you best. You will be asked to keep windows closed for 24hrs prior to the audit, and to refrain from using air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

  • Using the latest digital Protimeters, infrared camera, boroscope, hygrometers and other equipment, the source/s of moisture will be identified to determine the cause of the mould growth.

  • Building materials will be assessed to determine the moisture content.

  • Photos will be taken to document water damaged or mouldy building materials, furniture and belongings.

  • Air and surface mould sampling can also be done if required and certified lab reports detailing the genera and concentration of mould can be provided ($150 per sample)

  • You will receive a thorough report explaining all the findings, identifying the sources of moisture and the cause of the mould, explaining the type and levels of moulds found and the adverse health effects these moulds can cause (if applicable).

  • Instructions are given on what to do next, whether remediation is required and recommendations on how to fix the issues and prevent future mould growth.

The Mould Audit will take 2-3 hours, depending on the property. Payment is required prior to commencement of the audit.

Prices start at $550

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