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Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Audit

Electromagnetic Field Audit 


Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) are a part of modern life. Power lines, sub-stations, transformers, mobile phone towers, smart meters, meter boxes, household wiring and appliances, wireless devices such as mobile and cordless phones, routers, baby monitors etc. are all sources of electromagnetic radiation.


Our exposure to EMF’s has increased exponentially. Many health effects are associated with EMF exposure. The most common are disturbed sleep, insomnia, headaches, tingling, loss of short term memory, attention issues and chronic fatigue. Even more significantly, EMF exposure is linked to breast cancer, childhood leukaemia and brain tumours.


The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to protect yourself and your family.

The EMF AUDIT involves:


  • A detailed audit of the sources and strength of EMF’s throughout the property with a focus on areas where people spend time.


  • A qualified Building Biologist will use the latest professional equipment to measure:

- AC Magnetic fields coming from power lines, household wiring and appliances will be measured using a professional gauss meter – NFA 1000 and other meters

- AC Electric field testing will be conducted Using the NFA 1000 and a Body Voltage Kit.

- Dirty electricity will be evaluated using a Stetzer meter.

- Radiofrequency Radiation coming from all wireless devices and mobile phone towers in the area will be measured using various High Frequency Analysers including the HFW59B & 59D; Safe & Sound Pro11 and 5G meter.


  • An outdoor audit will be conducted evaluating all the external sources of non-ionising radiation affecting your property.


  • Based on the results specific recommendations will be suggested to manage and or eliminate existing EMFs and limit exposure.


The EMF Audit will take about 2 hours, depending on the property. Payment is required prior to commencement of the audit. A summary of the audit and recommendations will be emailed to you. Should you require a formal report please inform us prior to the audit as this will incur additional costs.

Prices start at $550

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