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Complete Home Audit



On average we spend about 90% of our time indoors.  If you are concerned that your home is making you sick or if you just want to create the healthiest home possible for your family then you will benefit from a COMPLETE HOME AUDIT.


People spend outrageous amounts of money “managing” chronic illnesses without ever thinking about what might be making them sick. Mould, dust mites, heavy metals, chemicals, particulates, VOC’s and electromagnetic fields may all be wreaking havoc with your health.

When you choose to have a COMPLETE HOME AUDIT A qualified Building Biologist will come out and assess your home room by room and educate you on the health hazards of the built environment.



  • External audit of outdoor sources of pollution

- Prior to the audit your local area will be researched and any possible polluters in the area which may adversely affect your property will be discussed.

  • EMF Assessment

- A detailed audit of the sources and strength of EMF’s throughout the property with a focus on areas where people spend time. A qualified Building Biologist will use the latest digital equipment to measure the various sources of EMF's


  • Magnetic fields coming from power lines, household wiring and appliances.


  • Electric field testing will be conducted with a Body Voltage Kit.


  • Dirty electricity will be evaluated using a Stetzer meter.


  • Radiofrequency Radiation coming from all wireless devices and mobile phone towers in the area will be measured using a High Frequency Analyser.


  • An outdoor audit will be conducted evaluating all the external sources of radiation affecting your property.

- Based on the results specific recommendations will be suggested to manage and or eliminate existing EMFs and limit exposure.


  • Allergen Assessment

- A thorough look at all potential health hazards in each room will be conducted. Building materials, furniture, bedding, flooring, toys etc will be assessed. You will be advised on the best way to manage all the possible sources of allergens.


  • Carbon monoxide testing of all gas appliances will be undertaken if necessary.


  • Lead testing

- If you have concerns about lead in the home testing can be done. Paint or suspect toys are the most common problems.


  • Mould inspection

- A moisture meter will be used to measure the propensity for mould growth. You will learn the best way to clean mould and to prevent it from growing. Mould sampling is available upon request for an additional fee of $150 per sample. The samples need to be sent to a lab for analysis. This is useful if a mould issue is suspected as this will confirm the type of mould and how prevalent it is.


  • Product Assessment

- All personal care products and cleaning products will be analysed and discussed.  You will learn how to read labels and decipher the ‘green washing’.


  • Kitchen audit

- An evaluation of your pantry and fridge will be done. You will learn which foods or brands to avoid and what to look for when you go to the supermarket.  An assessment of your cookware and food storage containers will be undertaken and safer alternatives discussed.  Our water can contain heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, parasites, THM’s, chloramines and much more. You will learn about the contaminants in water and will be advised on the most suitable water filtration system for your family’s needs.


  • Water Quality Testing

- A water quality test can be conducted for an additional $45


The initial audit will take 2-3 hours. Payment is required prior to commencement of the audit. An informal report will be emailed to you summarising the findings and the recommendations. Should you require a comprehensive formal report please inform us prior to the audit as this will be an additional charge.

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